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Instagram API

The Instagram API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of tools and protocols that allow developers to build software applications that interact with Instagram’s data and functionality. It provides access to a wide range of Instagram features such as user profiles, photos, videos, comments, and hashtags. Developers can use the Instagram API to create custom applications that can be integrated with Instagram, and that can help users to interact with the platform in new and innovative ways.

The Instagram API is widely used by businesses and marketers to create custom campaigns that can help them to engage with their target audience. For instance, marketers can use the Instagram API to create a custom hashtag campaign that allows users to tag their photos with a specific hashtag. The API can also be used to display Instagram photos on a website or blog, and to track the performance of a campaign using metrics such as likes, comments, and shares.

In recent years the Instagram API has been taken over by Facebook. As such a Facebook app needs to be added first and the Instagram API needs to be enabled. While this makes it easier to keep things in one place it does increase the development costs for an app since the Facebook validation process can become more complicated, especially when compared to the old streamlined process Instagram had before.

Some general information regarding the API integration can be found here. It is well documented and allows for a lot of features on business accounts.

A cost for an instagram app can vary greatly depending on which features are needed, please contact us to get things started.