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WordPress Speedup

Have a slow website? This can have many reasons. Bad hosting, viruses, large images, theme scripts or css that aren’t actually used loading for no reason, plugins that aren’t optimized for speed, the list goes on. This can especially affect mobile speed and will affect:

1) the user experience.

2) your SEO scores, giving you worse results even with the best campaigns

3) conversion rate – how many people actually order your product or service

There is a dance you need to do between speed and content. At times having a B rating on GTMETRIX isn’t as bad as it sounds if the features justify it. Of course having a rating of D or worse will certainly affect your user’s experience and SEO and must be addressed.

This is a complex matter that takes quite a bit to diagnose and even more to fix but it’s well worth it.

What you get:

A rating on GTMETRIX and over 90 on google speed insights on desktop and at least a 70 on mobile on most pages with special attention on any landing pages you specify.

Contact us now to get things started. Please be aware if your site is an E-commerce site using Woocommerce there is a different service available.